Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Wear something totally cool to show off your beautiful hair

These T's make the coolest hair statements. 
Sizes: They are available in sizes small, medium and large. 
Other sizes can be ordered. Prices range between R150-250 depending on the style shirt and amount of prints.
Orders are sent via courier. 
Fit/cut: tailored but not tight. 
Place orders here.

Cap sleeve: My Hair is Curly T

Cap sleeve Black: Love Naturally

Cap sleeve Black with back ruler

Grey/Beige shirt: My hair is curly with 3/4 sleeve

Grey/ Beige shirt: Love Naturally: 3/4 sleeve

Optional Back ruler

Grey/Beige: My hair has stress T: 3/4 sleeve

Black Cap sleeve: My hair has stress

Black cap sleeve T: Relax for What

Grey/Beige T: Relax for What

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