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I went blonde and damaged my hair. Got a big chop into a pixie cut to start over after five years of begin natural. This is the texturised effect of chemical dye. I still had curls but my hair was damaged. Evident in the knots, shedding and excessive breakage.

Ash Blonde me. I so loved this hair
Blonde and pixie after the hair colour completely damaged my hair

I loved my short hair in 2013 but often needed a change of hairstyle. These Goapele braids were a breath of fresh air. I still love this look.

Trying out Goapele inspired braids. Loved this look
2014 My hair showed some progress. It was finally touching my shoulders. I was surprised at how massive this afro was. As well as how easily it could be transformed into a flat sleek blow-out.

Big Hair- Don't care. 

Smooth and Sleek

My go to look
Back to wash and go
I love trying out new hairstyles. This is an old twist out tied up for a chic look

Updo with a twist-out

After trying MHM for the first time. I liked it.

How I normally wear my hair
Spider Girl

A foam roller set
Quick Perm Rod set in an Updo

Bone straight, I use this as an alternative for when I really need to change my look.
It gives a total change to my appearance. I do so enjoy it.

2015 and I can again see a leap in length. I My favourite look so far.

Jan 2015- I am loving the volume and length of my hair in its natural state


March 2015- I have reached bra-strap length. Its amazing how my just barely shoulder touching curls are actually this long when straightened. I decided to take a break from my afro for a week or two. I rolled and heat straightened my hair. I either blow it out straight or I flat iron it. I always use a heat protectant to limit the amount of potential burn.

After a heat treatment I ensure that I load up on protein treatments to nurse my hair. I use heat very three to six months. No more than that. So the next time I will do this will be around July or August, if even. I may just skip it.

I now look forward to having curls that touch my elbows. This will probably take another two years. I had to chop the front parts of my hair somewhat from excessive knots and tangles due to wet twists. I now rarely twist my hair and if i do I try to do it on damp hair not soaking wet hair, as the retraction of the twists caused massive single strand knots that cost me a lot of length.

My kid sister and I
My kid sister and I

Enjoying my Sister


  1. I am in love with your curl pattern

  2. It took some figuring out but now that I have learnt how to manage it its such a breeze. I have done a full article called "Tangled" on the FB page where I describe how I do it. I will post that article here as well.