Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Dr Haushka products

Dr. Hauschka Products

Dr. Hauschka is a German skincare brand developed in the 1950s. It was a pioneer in natural cosmetics developing formulas for both creams and fragrances from purely natural sources. It has been a leader in the industry since. These products combine science and nature to offer the best of both. It is both organic and natural. It boasts a crazy line of awards and certifications from the toughest institutes globally.

I am totally in Love. Just in time for the 14th. So, if you want to spoil yourself have a look at these amazing products that are fast becoming popular in South Africa. Only a few decades later but I will not complain. The skincare ranges are more freely available with even Woolworths stocking the skincare range. The hair care lines still remain a bit of a search. As usual trusted Weleda and similar stores will have these products save for the conditioner.

These online suppliers also do carry it:

Jojoba and Marshmallow conditioner
Contains: Marshmallow, oak, nettle for moisture and strength. Also, including Proteins of wheat and milk for protection, elasticity and volume. As well as the following oils: neem, macadamia nut and jojoba for shine and vitality.

Sadly this product is not available in South Africa but I am hunting down a source for it and when I find it I will be sure to shout it out.

The next two products are locally available.

Revitalising Hair & Scalp tonic (Formerly known as Neem Hair Lotion)
This is a great product to treat dry and or oily scalp. It is made of Neem leaf, which aids in keratin and thus great for fine hair. It’s a great remedy for hair breakage. It contains Arnica, birch bark extract that helps to balance the scalp from either a dry or an oily basis. In addition to rosemary, borage and horse chestnut to promote healthy hair follicles.
Price: R 296

Neem Hair Oil (Formerly known as Neem Hair oil)
Purpose: restores shine and controls frizz
Is both a hair and scalp treatment that works on the follicles and the hair. It contains neem leaf that helps build keratin, and so making hair both stronger and softer.
Price: R 395

Spoil yourself or your partner with these great products in the moth of love.

Love yourself Naturally

Silk Helmet Lady

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