Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Hair Regime

Hair care is similar to a diet. It can be very simple or it can be complex. It is simple when you want to do the minimum and you are happy with that outcome. I know plenty of women who wear mapondo’s religiously and are happy with the occasional twist-out.  I know equally as many who want their hair to look amazing and invest endlessly to get there. So, when you decide on hair care ask yourself some questions.

A simple routine can be as straightforward as using the basic building blocks of a shampoo, conditioner and some moisturizer- done. Here my only advice is that you invest in quality hair products since this may mean your routine is more spaced out thus the ingredients in products and effects thereof may stay longer on your hair and skin. Don’t ignore product ingredients.

A complex routine is the exact opposite where one is constantly chopping and changing. Product hunting, advise seeking and the like.  It is laborious and often a hit and miss set of archery.

Everyone’s idea of balance is different. An intensive routine can be taxing both of time and money. It can lead to a significant reward when one is happy and feels amazing.

So ask yourself the following questions:
Are you happy with the current state of your hair? If yes, then leave it alone- you are done.
What exactly are you trying to do with your hair. This is an important question since unless you can define where you are trying to go then how will you know when you get there? Create a hair checklist. Keep it simple and short if possible. You can edit as you go along but there is no point in getting all worked up about 20 different things. I’d say pick 5 or less.
What extent of investment are you willing to dedicate to your hair. Some hair regimes are insanely long-winded, confusing, and costly.
Be realistic. This is harder than you think. I want waist length hair and although I know it will take another 8 years I often lament my hair.
Be realistic. The natural state of your hair and the process you put it through will determine whether or not you can achieve hair goals.  Find out if it is at all feasible. If yes, then ask what it will take to get there. Finally, answer: am I willing to do what it takes?

Let me clarify.
Can anybody grow hair? The answer is yes unless there is an underlying medical condition that may temporarily or permanently put a break in this process.

Can anybody grow healthy hair? The answer is yes.

Given that all things are equal; can anybody regrow bald patches? That depends on the source. If it is internal then sorting out the internal should improve the external. If it is topical (on the skin) then it depends on the cause, duration and severity of the condition. These specific concerns will be dealt with in a separate post.

Is any hairstyle possible? Yes, however not all hairstyles can be done without some risk of damage. Again they can be adapted but may not have the exact look.

Don’t surprise yourself. Decide, inform and enjoy your hair. The factors of damage and health are common knowledge. Yet so many of us repeat the same process, have the same negative outcomes and are surprised. The expectation you have of your hair has to be in line with what you are doing to your hair. You have to know that if I do x then y may or will happen. That way you can evaluate the risks and make decisions that are appropriate for your life. I neither like nor do I advocate ascription. There is no point in doing things that will make you unhappy.

Why am I stating these very obvious facts? Because I still encounter so many women who adhere to hair myths. Some surprise themselves. Others just do not believe that a healthy head of hair is possible. Or that long hair is a mystery or that there is a miracle product that can solve their hair problems.

There are factors of health simple- cleanse, condition, moisturize, use an appropriate cover and minimize heat. There are factors of damage-health, stress, friction, tension and temperature and chemicals. Not rocket science at all. The things that will give you healthy and long hair are patience, time and not cutting it off.

Happy Hair Dreams

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