Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Welcome to the Blog everyone

Just a quick note to say hello and welcome. Let's talk hair.


  1. Hi
    I just came across your blog (while searching the net for a salon in my area to get my hair done). I'm currently natural, but can admittedly say that I've got so much more to learn about my hair. I've been following a few local hair blogs, so its quite nice to come across another.

    1. I have seen some salons that aim to serve 'naturals'. I have not tried any of them myself so I am reluctant to recommend any of them. I am a firm believer that all hair is unique and so it is best if you figure out what does and does not work for your hair.

      I used to spend a pretty penny on my hair each month and I was never fully satisfied. Now instead I spend my time figuring out how to not spend a fortune. I have found every stage of natural hair to have its own pro's and cons.

      Thanks for touching base and please do keep in touch.