Sunday, 22 March 2015

Changing The Dial on Your Afro

The Roller Set

There are various ways in which you can change your look. After about three to six months I really need a different look and to stop myself from doing anything permanent I opt instead for a blow dry and or a flatiron. I find that as long as I keep these destructive tendencies to a minimum I am still able to not feel stuck with one look.

I do adore my afro but I also like a bit of change.

Since you have already seen my straightened hair I will show a friends hair that I did recently. She's a career woman who dresses for the corporate environment and so the looks I chose for her reflected that specific dress-up hair.

Her hair was asked with Natures Gate shampoo and Conditioner. then detangled. It was set in rollers to dry with a hooded drier. Then a light blow and a flatiron. I used plenty of heat protectant and silicone to make sure I don't burn her hair. She has a beautiful Afro and at some point soon would like to return to it intact.

I like roller sets for various reasons. You choose the roller set based on the size curls you want. So if you want a straight look then you would choose barrel rollers like the ones I show here on my mom's head. You don't need to use heat with rollers. You can let it air-dry over an afternoon or overnight. Yes, I have slept with rollers in my head more times than i care to recall that pain. When the rollers dry they can become very tight and leave you with a headache. But the best results come from making it tight. The upside is that you only need to keep it in till its dry. In case your wondering i have not encountered one person with alopecia from tight rollers. It does not stay in long enough to cause that kind of damage.

Throughout the week I will show various ways to go from Afro to straight as well as the various curl sets one can do on an afro.

See her transformation here. 

Wash and conditioner

Blow wave

Side view
Front view

Left view

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