Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Journey To Tailbone: The Truth

It surprises me that there are still so many hair myths in circulation. If you were wondering if black hair could grow very long then take a tour of YouTube to see many black naturals with very long hair. What is more surprising is the unfounded belief that some peoples’ hair grows at exponential rates while others hair cannot. Growing long hair takes care and patience.

Meet my friend Carly. She has a massive mane of lower back, almost tailbone length hair. She occasionally colours and trims her hair to keep split ends at bay. Her last short haircut was more than ten years ago. It took more than ten years for her to grow her hair to this length. Last year when I measured her hair it was 90cm long. That is just under a meter and equivalent to three full standard rulers.

In comparison my hair is about 30 cm long from growing it for just over two years.

My point is that I still come across the misconception that some people are able to grow hair overnight and others are not. This is simply not true.

Carly’s hair care regime includes at max twice per week cleanse and condition. She does not apply any heat to her hair. She air-dries it instead. She has a sensitive scalp thus she minimizes the amount of manipulation of her hair. She does not brush it in between washes as this causes her hair to create frizz. Instead she finger combs it and uses minimal styling such as a top knot ponytail or a single loose braid to distribute the weight of her hair. She also does not pull her hair to tension. When she does tie it up it is a loose tie. She also does not use a mass of products. her hair is naturally straight and so a hair serum is all she does use to add some shine.

If your hair goal is to grow long hair then you will have to learn how to care for the hair that is already on your head. Read about real people with real stories. There are no tricks and gimmicks that can make your hair sprout like a weed. What you need are some good practices and a whole ton of patience.

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