Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Phenomenal Women of SA: Meet Renee Nicolai the power behind Gentle Approach

Discovering Naturalmente: 

In 2014 my crown transformed from short to mid length. As the length and volume of my hair increased the unwound coils created a massive plume of clouds on my crown. I doubtfully scurried off to a health and wellness shop in search of something natural. I paced through the shelves right past everything still filled with uncertainty. I stopped at the Naturalmente stand and at first felt vexed at the packaging with foreign descriptions. I picked up an information booklet, scanned it and I was blown away. The product promise was solid and the ingredients were superb. I felt that childish winner feeling that Christmas had come in June. I rushed home to try the first few products and I fell in love. 

Naturalmente is product range imported by Gentle Approach, who are based in Cape Town. The driver behind this exceptional brand is the phenomenal Renee Nicolai. She has been in the hair industry for over two decades. Renee has worked with most haircare product brands and had an interest in green as well as natural and organic products. Eight years ago she discovered Naturalmente at a local natural fair, becoming a stockist and soon after, collaborated with the original importer. The once unknown Italian brand has since grown into a thriving  business. Having worked in the professional haircare industry for many years Renee had solid experience in the impact of harmful chemicals often found in haircare products. Further, she had a green vision that factored ethical, sustainable and renewable qualities in the manufacturing of haircare products. Renee found Naturalmente to be a leader in both human health and the health of the environment. 

 The Naturalmente motto is: “…new attentive and eco-sustainable cosmetics that offer beauty without compromise!”

What sets Naturalmente apart is the use of plant based ingredients instead of synthetic substances, it is free from animal and petrochemical compounds. It also does not contain silicone, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours and SLS. 

Overall the brand has many products that each target specific hair and scalp related concerns from chemically treated hair, restructuring, cleansing, normalising, balancing multi-vitamin, volume building,  strengthening, anti-oxidant, thin hair, detangling, protein, revitalising, deep moisture and hair loss. The ranges for hair salons: are The Basics, Elements and a revolutionary colour system. The Basics Range has many different shampoos and conditioners for each of the hair and scalp conditions listed above. The Elements range is more specific for scalp and hair therapy for oily, dry or sensitive scalp Acqua (oily scalp) Fuoco (sensitive scalp) Aria (dry skin) Balsamic (restructuring conditioner) Moisture Mask (moisturising conditioner), with the Terra (for chemically treated hair) The Total Wellness concept for the professional includes Ton & Color (ammonia free colouring) as well as a new plant based colour range Colour Plant Flower using only 98% plants and 2% minerals for the extra cautious client. 

This month I will share some of my favourite Naturalmente products. See how my hair has been transformed from a big frizz ball to beautiful coils. 


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