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A woman who does not wear perfume has no future” - Coco Channel

I have loved perfume since the first time I found a promotional scent folded on the edge of Cosmopolitan magazine at age 15.  When I thought about this article my first instinct was to tally my perfume collection.  My first scan concluded that I am running low. The final count came in at 17 variants at present. I have a hierarchy of about three at the top followed by a middle section of next best and finally the rest at the base of the triangle of fragrances that I do enjoy albeit less seldom. Perfume is an integral part of my feminine being. It is the most regular part of getting dressed. I may skip make-up, earnings and other peripheral things but I seldom if ever skip perfume.

Sometimes when I want to enhance the scent of a particular perfume I would use the shower gel and or powder of the same brand and variant of scent. I really do not like roll-on and or underarm sticks. I hate the way they cake and create stains. Instead I opt for fragranced bath gels and water based spritzers. The fragranced gels clean and leave a lovely scent. A spritzer works just as well and dries with zero residue and is also light enough not to conflict with whatever else I decide to wear. One or two sprays under each arm is more than sufficient for me. I know some women may have stronger smells and may think they need a harder working underarm but particularly bad odours can be treated and managed. Excessive sweating can be controlled. Do speak to your doctor about the available options. Odours are caused by bacteria that feed off the sweat instead of the sweat itself. See what the team from The Doctors recommend here:

Back to our perfume discussion. Recently I received the new Lux Sheer Twilight Fragranced Body Wash to review. I opened the packaging and was blown away by the fragrance. The scents of black orchid, floral Juniper, Amber and Vanilla were just stunning. This amazing combination of scents was formulated by Nicole Mancini for Lux. The price of the product is a steal at R21.99 for 200ml, R34.99 for a 400ml and R54.99 for 750ml. 

The consistency of the gel is thicker than a typical shower gel. The Colour a rich purple as seen on the packaging. The bathing experience a thick foam that spreads beautifully and leaves a really nice scent on the body. The first time I tried it I only used the shower gel and did not use any other scents. I was surprised that even after I dried the perfume was still there. I applied an unscented body lotion and the smell lingered for hours. 

I am not crazy about bar soaps as they tend to have a slightly higher ph that can leave the dry cracked feeling. liquid soaps tend to be more balanced and this one in particular left no dryness. 

For many years LUX has been endorsed by big stars. What I loved about the 8hours of bold campaign is that they used local women. Products with a local voice and flavour do deserve more attention because they are investing in local people. In the very least they are taking the time to try and make it relevant.  See the campaign footage here of : 

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