Thursday, 1 October 2015

Phenomenal Women of SA: Natalie Abrahams

Meet the phenomenal Natalie Abrahams author of Get up and Go on. 

We are all the lead actors in our own lives. Everyone has memories that we will treasure forever and wish we could pause and relive. Some of these may be great moment others we could fast forward, postpone and or skip altogether. It takes a certain kind of courage to offer a window into ones most private moments. This author shows her chutzpa with a candid offering of her life.

The following feature is a powerful account of courage, persistence and faith. Natalie Abrahams is a women who has come full circle in her life in finding her feet, her way and finally her voice to tell this amazing story. It was in the expression of herself that she found the birth of an author. In “Get up and Go on” Natalie narrates her coming of age in an open and candid offering. Natalie first describes her township upbringing of a nostalgic past. Her life as a teenager filled with the folly of youth tells her successes and her mistakes. She opens up about her family, marriage and motherhood against the backdrop of township life in South Africa. She offers herself in all spheres of her life as a child in her family, a mother and wife in her own family. Finally finding her feet as a community activist, life coach and more recently a self-published author. She deals with womanhood, love, relationships and spirituality and her challenges and successes in pursuit of her life-long dream of being an author. 

This autobiography is meant as a workbook. To delve into the view of another while analysing the self. It offers various perspectives that will resonate with you as you move through her various life phases. What it also does is to offer the opportunity for the reader to reflect back on themselves. Ultimately leading to some piercing questions and a myriad of emotions. 

In this interview I talk to Natalie about her person, her persona, her family and her perspective of beauty in relation to herself as well as her beautiful daughter. The book Get up and Go on is available in selected bookstores and three lucky readers will receive a signed copy. This phenomenal life coach and motivational speaker is available for function bookings. Please see the details below. 

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