Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Give Away by Smooth 'N Shine Schwarzkopf

Schwarzkopf Smooth 'N Shine is giving one lucky reader an early Christmas gift.

The give-away contains the following products containing Moringa & Olive Oils:
Deep Moisturising Shampoo
Detangling Lotion
Leave-In Softener
Wonder Spray
Nourishing Hair food
Smooth 'N Shine pink hair towel

Beautifully packed in a carry bag

To Enter to win this wonderful prize please send us your selfie and tell us what you love about your natural hair.

Love Naturally
Silk Helmet Lady


  1. I like that hair is so free! When I wear my hair in an afro I feel powerful. Mybhair has a mind of its own and everyday is an adventure.

  2. I love the freeness of my hair, when I have a my afro out I feel powerful and beautiful. My hair gives me strength

  3. I love the versatility of my natural hair. I can wear it in so many ways, from styled buns, to afros, twists out, etc. I also love the things i've learnt from having natural hair; namely patience, embracing my uniqueness as well as the scientific and practical knowledge gathered from hair bloggers. Furthermore i love that as a black girl i can take charge of my own hair, and take care of it myself. Truly knowledge is power.

  4. Thank you lovely ladies for entering the Give-Away. The winner of this one is Lyndall Radcliffe Moses. Please check back in Jan for the next give-away. Thank you and lots of love

  5. My hair is soft, easily manageable and easy to style. I'm proud to be African and my hair reminds of everyday What's feel like to have an afro

  6. African original that's who I am with ma huur, I feel very proud of myself when wearing ma huur out.It expresses the woman in me <3