Thursday, 14 January 2016

Lesson 9: There is a line

Experiment but know where the line is. 

My Ash Blonde Days

The first time I went natural I dyed my hair and at first I loved the smoother texture of my hair. Soon after the effects of the dye set in and my hair took a turn for the worst. It was crispy and dry. The split ends looked like straw. The tangles were the worst part of dealing with my hair. It was painful and what should be a simple detangling session turned into a full on war. I also washed my hair more often that I should have and that dried it out even more. Conditioners, curl creams and stylers only gave momentary relief and then back to tangles. I eventually resorted to the big chop.

Chemical damage from colour
Grown out pixie cut
My pixie post damage

My now healthy hair

Love Naturally
Silk Helmet Lady


  1. You are definitely right experimenting must have boundaries, I am afraid of dyes. I experimented a lot when I went natural and my hairline paid the price. So this year I am with lesson 9.

    1. Even with the few grey hairs I have appearing now, I am at peace with my healthy hair. I am actually looking forward to the salt and pepper look. Do check in on the next post for the final step to this article. Thanks for stopping by.