Thursday, 21 January 2016

Lux Ignite The Spark: Make Some Flames

 As soon as Father Christmas gets back to the North Pole Cupid's travel plans are confirmed. Fancy packaged treats, red and white hearts and  happy couples appear. Some people invest their all in Valentine’s day. Others like me see it as a commercialised pile of rubble void of any meaning. Love is much more than you could fit into any one day. This is what I LOVE about the LUX IGNITE THE SPARK campaign. It goes beyond the sale of a product to a targeted person. It looks at us in a much more inclusive and holistic manner. The message is to “ignite the spark” but through practical and more long term meaningful ways in LOVE relationships. 

The focus of the campaign is to rekindle meaningfully as opposed to our fast paced and spaced out existence. the list of suggestions is as follows: a love note, joint activity, go back, go forward and finally mindful engagement. 

The first suggestion is “a love note”. Pen and paper now seems ancient but it will forever be timeless. Everything worth something needs to be verified by a signature. Writing a note and singing your name is a powerful means of communication. 

The second is to be active together. Getting involved in something with your partner is a great way to spend quality time. It is also an excellent nudge to continue. Often we get lazy to continue with active activity. It helps to have someone close by to nudge you in the right direction. 

Third is to return to wherever the start of your relationship was. The first special place you visited at the start of your relationship holds some magic. Tapping into that space will ignite some very happy memories and perhaps inspire some romance. 

Fourth is to keep your relationship moving forward. Every relationship has some not so fond memories. Holding onto past weight can stop you from going anywhere. If you want your relationship to improve let go and move on.

Fifth, is to be mindful and present in whatever you are engaged in. Technology often interferes with quality human connection. Quality means that you are present. Do not include any devices when your on quality time. Instead agree on when you will switch off and when you will switch on. 

These suggestions are all great. Incorporating them will increase the potential for a better relationship. I would like to add something to this list. 

The first step in creating a romantic space is to start with you. When you feel good you radiate goodness that bounce onto others and most likely return. So start by taking care of yourself first. Looking good will help you to feel good. Start by indulging yourself in a Lux Soft Touch experience. The Rose scents of the soap bar and body wash will cleanse and leave a sensual rose scent on your body. Aromatherapy or Scents can conjure beneficial emotions to put you in the right mood for romance. Include some rose scented candles in your bath time. Perhaps consider a couple bathing experience. Followed by a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant. 

Try something different. Get ready with your Lux aromatherapy. Organise a candle lit picnic at home. Add some music if you like and enjoy something new with your partner. Being creative is fun and it does not have to be an expensive exercise. Show you care by giving more to yourself and more of yourself. 


Love Naturally
Silk Helmet Lady

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