Thursday, 25 February 2016

Big Chop to Bra Strap

My Blonde Moment

Four years ago I had beautiful blonde hair that was so dry and brittle that I dreaded wash days. I loved the colour but the maintenance on blonde hair left my strands brittle and dry. I tried all sorts of expensive products to rehabilitate my dull dry hair. Constant tangles, split ends and lifeless hair eventually led me to a scissor. It was time to go back to the beginning. My colour experiment had failed. I thought that with great care I could stay ahead of the lifeless hair curve. I was wrong. Bleach takes no prisoners. Everything eventually drops dead. 

It was time to cut my losses and move on. So on I went and I realised that the reason I coloured int eh first place was the fact that I was unhappy with my natural hair. I did not know how to detangle it. How to keep it moisturised. How to style it. When it was short I made every hair mistake in the manual of what not to do with natural hair. This is what the blonde ended up looking like. 

Regret came too late

So, It was time of the Big chop again and I hated it. I did not want to cut my hair. But the state it was in was just awful. The strands were weak and thin. They were porous and full of frizz. I realised that even though i had been natural for almost five years I still knew very little about caring for my hair. I took a scissor and cut it into a pixie. The minute the hair was off I was sad but relieved. 

Regaining myself
And time to re-learn what I thought I knew about growing healthy hair. Lesson 107 on natural hair I did not have to learn is that when you know a thing is bad, the thing is bad. Lesson 108 is that when you know a thing is bad the things you may try and do to contain the bad may not work. 109 a risk is called a risk because it is a risk. 

Finally, sometimes the best thing to do to get out of a bad situation is to just walk away and make a new start. Just start again. This is true for many things in life. Some things are just not worth trying to fix. New start. 

Ignorance was bliss

My natural hair in full halo. I loved it but I still had no idea how to get it to do what I wanted. For those of you who see my hair now and think- she got that good hair- think again. She learnt how to get that good hair. And so can you. For the first time in my life my hair is predictable. I know how to manage it without ever to think about it. I never have a bad hair day because in just five minutes I can rock a style even from a failed hairdo. Taking better care of my hair helped it to grow so much. I can make it look short. I can make it look long. I can do just about anything with my hair. 

My Crown 
Bra Strap Baby
Smiling from ear to ear

Whatever you decide to do with your hair. Do love it. Do love yourself. Do whatever the hell makes you happy. 
LOVE Naturally 
Silk Helmet Lady 

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  1. Wow SHL when I see the pictures I see that your natural hair is now fuller and thicker. This new start worked a lot.