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Be A: She Who Dares with LUX

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She Who Dares

Scene 1: A handsome hunk’s focus is shifted by the scent of a woman. His genuine and honest voice leads a beautiful story of love at first sight. He stumbles over words and phrases struggling to make sense of his awe and familiarity with the beautiful stranger in his gaze. The female actress in the background is a young, fearless beauty. The admiring hunk opens with: “It was your fragrance, that's what hit me first…you know, how when you look at the moon and there’s a glowing ring around it. An aura of purple and gold. Your fragrance (inhales and exhales deeply) was like that somehow, but because of it…it made you stand out to me…it made you an interesting someone…”

His voice continues to describe the girl as:

“…a she who dares to jump from things and into things and live wildly like a messy force of nature. Listening to no one and spinning and pushing and pulling like a fast moon around a sleeping planet. I don’t know what I’m saying, you know. I don’t know where I’m going with this. But. Last night you were like a moon with a glowing neon ring around it. And when you gave me your number…”

My heart melted at “an aura of purple and gold”. 

Scene 2: In the final few seconds of the movie the girl giggles and says: “I’m glad you called”. 

You then realise that this was a retrospective take on the first night of magic. A memory told in a phone conversation between these young lovers. The images in scene one are first of the meeting and then the time spent after this call. The male voice is soft and genuine filled with admiration, gratitude even. The scenes are real, depicting how a typical couple would meet in a bar with friends giving noticing glances and whispers. This love at first sight story inspired by Perfume as the catalyst feels real and true. 

What I loved about the story is that the girl is in control and indeed brings into motion what follows. She is bold and unafraid to give her number. Her dauntless nature is what makes this movie special. It is the story about a “She Who Dares…” It is a movie that depicts reality. It is on point in every single way. 

What is even more special about this short film is the background development. This production is a product of the collaboration between Unilever South Africa and Mo Films. These two brands created a developmental platform to train young upcoming directors and writers. One of these young stars, Jonathan Sidego, created this Lux film: She Who Dares. A love ignited by perfume. 

The Story: 
A free-spirited, hip and happening young black woman appears and commands the attention of a guy who is in awe of her entire being. Her Lux perfume draws him and he is totally taken by her.  She is refreshing, funny, free and wild. This story is beautifully told and skilfully crafted to bring together the elements of how when one feels beautiful, one can be a “She Who Dares”.

When you look and smell great your outlook is more positive. When you bounce positive signals they are more likely to find other positive connections. How you feel about yourself is part of your aura. Adding perfume to your daily routine is now easier than ever. Lux perfumes help simplify your beauty routine by adding perfume to your bath. 

The amount of effort I invest in my daily routine depends on my mood and what is lined up on any given day. Here’s what never changes: how I smell. Perfume for me is a powerful tool in a woman’s arsenal. For many people the olfactory sense decides who and what we like, just as our minds subconsciously analyses and make decisions. Often in crowds and in confined spaces the thing we do notice about people is how they smell. You can pass a stranger on the street and never notice what they are wearing but you will experience how they smell and that is what you will remember. It is the first impression you make and it stays where you were for a few hours after you have left and eventually forever etched into the memories of other people. Make positive memories by spreading a scent that is true to you. A scent that will leave positive memories when you have gone. Be a LUX woman: A “She Who Dares” to live life without fear. Melt someone’s heart when you pass by. 

I love everything about this movie. I love the way it was made and I LOVE the fact that the content is real, it is current and that it is local. I love the fact that these brands are investing in local talent instead of just importing unrealistic images. I LOVE the fact that the script was done by this young director and the fresh nature it ended up being. The content is clear, crisp, current and relevant. I love how the ‘voice’ of the young man comes through. This really is a very cool piece of art. I am usually very critical about how Global brands use a one size for all formula. It is crazy cool that big brands are thinking and doing 'local'. What's more is that when this local content is done to such a high standard it is cause for celebration. 

Love Naturally to Unilever, Mo Films, and J Sidego. 
Silk Helmet Lady

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