Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My First Love: Perfume

perfume ( pronounced) |ˈpəːfjuːm|
noun [ mass noun ]
a fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to give a pleasant smell to one's body(Oxford Dictionary).

Perfume was a major part of my right of passage from moth to butterfly. Perfume, make-up, lingerie and heels were high up on the list in transit from adolescence to woman. Perfume to me is the quintessential mark of femininity. It is a means of self-expression and silent communication. It says: I am this kind of woman. 

My fascination with perfume started in my early teens when I discovered promotional scents placed in magazines. I would cut the folded edges and place it in my drawers and in inside books. As a teen body spray and communal lotion was the limit of my reality. That small problem, however, did not stop my wild imagination and the picture of my adult self-spritzing perfume from fancy containers; en-route to my dream date. Cue music, tv commercial director, lights, camera a call to action. Followed by me stepping out of a stretch Limo doing a beauty queen wave. 

Fast forward to the present and I have a significant perfume collection, save tv ad and minus a few lights. When I enjoy something such as perfume, makeup, nail polish, clothes, and music; I collect it. It brings me joy so I collect it in various forms. What one of my friends call: “your problems”. The perfume is, however, is a problem I do not at all mind having. 

Bath and body products, naturally, are some of my favourite things. When I find one that I love it is quickly added to my favourites list. When I was offered the new range of Lux products that contain actual perfume I was curious. I was given two of the ranges to try and I Loved both. Usually, I try and stick to unscented body washes because I find the fragrances to be less balanced and at times not at all pleasant. They tend to lean toward air freshener instead of perfume. What I love about Lux products is that the perfumes smell like perfume

Perfume, to me, is 'silent speech'. It is an extension of myself sort of like a circle beyond my body. This extended space is the point fo first contact. So, in silence, I give the first indication about me. Using fragrance I say something specific about me. Often the message I try to send is gendered and says: I am a woman. So, it becomes a defining factor in my feminity. Since I enjoy stating the fact that I am a woman I enjoy doing it with fragrance.  

When I smell great people actually notice and comment that I smell great. They often will ask which perfume I am wearing. It certainly is a positive nudge for me to feel great. It is a confidence booster. 

I am curious as to how other women experience fragrances? What does perfume mean to you? How often do you use it? How do you feel when you use perfume? Does it make a difference in your life? 

Love Naturally 


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  1. A perfume is a girls best friend.