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Beat Dry and Damaged Skin with Dermastine

Dermastine Products

If you don’t know it yet; you should. If you have not tried it yet, you must do yourself this one service. Are you pregnant? Breastfeeding? Trying to lose weight? Trying to tighten your skin? Struggling to prevent or treat dry skin on your face? Dermastine creams are the answer to these skin concerns. 

It is a rich formula of Vitamin A, E, and Pure Elastin to prevent stretch marks, nourish dry skin and tighten skin. Dermastine cream is the best product on the market for stretch mark and dry skin prevention. This incredible range is available at Dischem Pharmacies countrywide. 

Dry Skin

I discovered Dermastine during pregnancy nine years ago. The product was recommended by my gynaecologist. I already had the regular arsenal of stretch mark prevention treatments and this particular product seemed expensive in comparison. I reluctantly bought it and hoped for the best. 

As I ballooned from 45kgs to just under 78kgs I was sure that my skin would never be able to return to its pre-pregnancy state. After my first child, I expected all the baby fat to melt away like ice on a hot day. Fast forward two years. Add in a better diet and regular exercise I was back in my size 28 jeans. 

Stretch Marks
I am grateful that I discovered Dermastine.  It prevented stretch marks in all my rapidly expanded areas. Stretch marks are a result of the skin being pulled beyond its elastic capacity and literally tearing leaving linear indentations. These lines start off dark red that eventually fade to silver stripes. Once skin has stretched there are no non-invasive and or painless ways to remove stretch marks. The best treatment for it is prevention. The best way to do that is to use Dermastine.

Dermastine body cream has two variants. One for ‘during pregnancy’,  the other pre- or post-pregnancy: ‘with Vitamin A’. During pregnancy one should avoid Vitamin A. The during pregnancy cream contains 3% pure elastin and Vitamin E. The pre and post pregnancy cream contains 3% elastin, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. These key ingredients allows the skin maximum elasticity to stretch and return without tearing.

One of my friends on her second pregnancy heard me rave about this amazing product and tried it. After her pregnancy, she said: “I got stretch marks in my first pregnancy and not a single one in my second while I was using Dermastine. If only I had known about it sooner.” 

Dermastine with Vit A has been my all over body cream of choice for many years. Particularly because I exercise a great deal. Some months I may up my workout routines and then slow down again. As my body changes during these times, my skin stays intact. 

Dermastine also has a face cream range with three variants of 1%, 2% and 3% elastin, Vitamin A, and E. I have dry and sensitive skin on my face. When I apply makeup and powder it tends to dehydrate my skin. I love the matte look and so I do use powder. What that means is that I need a very nourishing base cream under my foundation. These Dermastine base creams are phenomenal. I prefer the 3% because my skin is very dry. So, if your skin is normal to oily perhaps try one of the other two. 

Dermastine Products

The latest addition to Dermastine face is the Hydration cream free from Vit A. This is a non-greasy formula specifically developed for users of oral acne treatment. Oral acne treatments such as Roaccutane have an extremely drying effect on the skin. This cream will help with those kinds of excessive drying. I use it when I exfoliate my skin and it is absolutely amazing at moisturising my skin when I do an extreme scrub. 

My final thumbs up for this brand is the fact that it is made locally. It is easily accessible and available at Dischem. The prices range for the R150ML product is R299,99. The face range products are R199,95. 

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