Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Giovanni Colorflage- Conditioner Review

Giovanni Brazenly Brunette Colourflage

At first impression I liked it because I know Giovanni to be a good brand and was excited to try it.

I like the size of the Giovanni conditioners at 250 ml at R174.99
This conditioner smells good with a caramel/coffee notes on the nose
I love the consistency of the product. Its thick so a little can stretch some distance. I found that if I used a little and then wet the hair more the product really penetrated my hair well. I was surprised to find that the product did not sit on my hair. It absorbed beautifully.

I must say one thing I hate about rinse out conditioner is that I feel my money is wasted. I do not like the thought of rinsing it all down the drain. For that reason I choose products that are good so that I can actually leave it on my hair without it causing damage. With a brand like Giovanni you can do that.

The product had plenty of slip and made quick work of detangling my hair. After I sectioned I could quickly rake it through with my fingers. The hair felt really good with this conditioner once applied. I could see a fair amount of clumping which is a really good indicator of a good conditioner.

I used it both as a conditioner and as a co-wash a few days later.
Here's a handy tip to use with your expensive conditioners. Instead of applying it on your hands and then onto your hair. Take a spray bottle and measure out e.g. 25ml of conditioner. Mix this in about 1/2 cup of warm water and spray it onto your hair. You get easy and more even distribution of the product. This way you can plan your product use. At 250 ml you can then get 10 uses and little waste.

Overall I am happy with this product. I have not yet used it as a leave in because I have so many curl creams at the moment to test out. I will update on that in future so for now I give it a medium hitter. I am very pleased with this product.
It is for sale online at wellness warehouse.

In case you're wondering, I do not do paid reviews. If a company was to send me products for review I will tell them and you that if they decide to put it up for review I will review it. I have never accepted payment for a product review. While I can certainly understand why anybody may choose to do it. I think it may influence my opinion. At this point i choose to put you guys first. If your going to spend your money then you should get good stuff. I will not say a crap product is good. Therefore I prefer choosing my own products, spending my money so I am in the consumer seat.

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  1. Hey Ms SHL,

    Very informative as per usual. I would like to get my hands on the leave-in.

    Please share details of where to purchase.

    Good products are really expensive this side of the equator, so tips on stretching the product is always welcome to this diva on a dime.

    Waiting (not so patiently) for the next review.


  2. The Giovanni products are available at Some TIGI are sold at Dischem and other salons. Paul Mitchell is available at most hair salons. Next review up shortly

  3. Your sight is very informative, keep it up.