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TIGI on the Rebound Review

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TIGI on the rebound: Review

This is a curl cream called a ‘curl recall cream’ 

See my long rant about curl resurrection in a follow-up post. Basically, if you have curls you have curls. If you damage them you will not have curls. If you have straight hair you can create curls but you cannot recall them from the dead. 

First impressions of this product. 
I’m not a big fan of packaging. It really does not matter to me. Although TIGI does have eye catching ones. Interestingly, whenever I saw these products on shelf they did not speak to me. The name Bed Head does nothing for me. 

But, judging a product because it does not look the part is not always the way to go. I research, look, feel try and then decide. 

The cotton candy scent is a bit too sweet for me. I prefer more subtle perfumed scents. Florals, wood and more natural scents as opposed to food scents work for me. 

The consistency is different. It looks and feels like a thick mouse and creates foam when applied to wet hair. I do think the foam helps with curl separation. But in general foaming agents are surfactants which are fine for rinse out but not so good for leave-ins.  Which made me jump straight to the ingredients list to see what this product contains.

Most of the ingredients are okay. Some have a caution but one in particular are to be avoided. See the list below. 

The below information is referenced from Terry La Flesh’s ingredients directory at

Methylchloroisothiazolinone/ Methylisothiazolinone (aka Kathon CG ) 
“…research…on these…preservatives…[are on]…how Methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) Methylisothiazolinone work together…[they] are known to be corrosive to skin, irritating to eyes, and toxic to fish. However, in the low doses of it used in cosmetics, they haven't been found to be irritating so long as it isn't used in concentrations above 0.12 percent. The[y]…are…found together…because…combined, the[y] kill off nearly all microbes, and not much of them are needed to do so. They also work over a wide range of product pHs. [Hunting (Conditioning) pgs 276-277]. 
Source(s): Hunting Winter 

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate (aka IPBC) 
“…a preservative. Begoun pg 1295. Fine in products that aren't going to be used as sprays. In Europe, it can't be used for oral care, lip-care products or lotions. IPBC is a whitish crystalline powder that contains iodine. It works by slowing down bacterial growth. It has been tested safe for humans according to the CIR Expert Panel, but should not be used in aerosol products. Winter pg. 301-302. —I put a caution here, because there are some concerns about it being a bit more of an irritant than other preservatives (although all preservatives are potential irritants). Just beware of how this is being applied (you might not want to use it if it's in a hair spray , or for a child). —T Source(s): Begoun Winter

Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer    
“Film-forming/ plasticizing polymer. This is best avoided in shampoo and conditioners because they can build up and get sticky. “ Source(s):” 

Triethanolamine (aka TEA) 
Sometimes functions as an emulsifier (keeps the oil and water components in a product from separating), pH adjuster (it's alkaline), and even to coat fresh fruits and vegetables. Known as an irritant in higher concentrations because of its alkalinity, so it may cause problems if it is present in higher concentrations in a product, though it should be fine in small amounts. This is an amine, and when combined with formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, may create nitrosamines. However, this has not been directly linked to any health issue. The CIR Expert Panel said that it was safe in rinse-off products, so long as it did not exceed a 5% concentration. Begoun (Cosmetics) pg 1282 Winter pg. 524” 

TEA Dodecyl-Benzene-Sulfonate    (aka Sulfonated Oils) 
“Drying cleanser [Begoun (Hair)]. This is a Sulfonated oil, which is made by reacting oils with sulfuric acid. This is known to strip color from both natural and colored hair, so it's often used to remove dye from the hair or to lighten it for highlights. May even dry out the skin if used [Winter (7th ed.) pp. 502, 512]. See also: Sulfonated oils Source(s): Begoun Winter

My view: 
I have to say that I really did like the way that this product defined my hair. The curls were popping out of every part of my head. It did not dry with a residue although I would have liked a bit more shine. I must say I am really disappointed at the ingredients in this one. Apart from the fact that I  have an iodine sensitivity this product just contain way too many caution labels for me. 

At a size 125ml at R250 this product is not cheap. If I could see the concentrations of the actual ingredients I may use it again. Until then I don’t think I am going to run out to refill. 

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