Friday, 29 May 2015

Imported Hair Products: Giovanni

Giovanni was founded in 1978 by Arthur Guidotti and Peter Stathis. Arthur, a seasoned hairstylist, was driven by his skin reactions to existing hair products and started this natural product line unlike any that existed at the time. In time Giovanni was further developed by Arthur’s son who broke down the barriers between natural and on trend by presenting a cutting edge marketing strategies and continually growing the product lines. The mission for the brand is to create great products, in stylish packaging and to present it beautifully. Giovanni became one of the pioneers of natural haircare and is today the top selling natural haircare brand in the United States.

I came across Giovanni many years ago while actively racing through the net in search of hair products. It is a commonly used and recommended product by naturals abroad. Giovanni was further popularised when it was one of the few product brands to be endorsed by Miss Dee Kay in the Max hydration method. It is used by naturals across the texture spectrum and had been in short supply locally until very recently. What is special about Giovanni is that it has an organic endorsement by the US Drug Association. It is therefore considered mostly natural and of organic origin. Overall, this brand is generally free of the common yuk attack in the cosmetics industry and is one of the few products that cross various various different consumer segments. 

What really irritates me about imported products is that they are sold locally at ridiculous markups. It frustrates me completely when I look online to compare prices and find that products have been marked up by a few hundred percent. It takes the pleasure out of shopping regardless of my absolute desire to try something new. While I appreciate the effects of the weak rand and resultant impact on imports some importers really leave my jaw on the floor. However, they are going through the grind of getting what we want and why not charge top ZAR if the market can bear it? They are however creating an opportunity for local producers to up their market share. 

So when I find an importer with reasonable prices I get very excited. I have spent a few years tracking a supplier who carries the Smooth as Silk EcoChic range. Now I have found one that sells more than just what I was looking for. Most of the Giovanni ranges are now available at Orders can be placed at and product prices range between R191 for the white EcoChic Smooth as Silk to R219 for The Avocado and olive oil, Brazilian Keratin, Tangerine & Papaya.  

See the next few blogs for the full product reviews

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