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Winter Hair

Winter Hair

 The trees are changing colour and the leaves are falling. Soon branches will be bare for a while and the cold will freeze over our windscreens and chill our homes. You may already have located all your coats and stockings and may be thinking of how to change your hair in the next few months. You may be thinking of changing your hair regime and or hairstyle altogether. Read on to find out what to do to get your hair winter ready and how to take care of winter hairstyles. 

The biggest challenge with winter is the impact of the cold. Also, because the African sun tends to be quite harsh you still need to be concerned about sunburnt hair. The issue then becomes who to protect your hair from these simultaneous extremes.  

Changing your regime
Just as you would change your perfume from night and day and switch from lotions to butters for your skin so too you need to update your haircare. Winter gives more options for styling as beanies, hats and scarves can be handy. 

Wet hair in winter:
If you are going to be outside early in the morning be weary of stepping out of the house with wet hair. As the cold will lower the temperature of the hair further. Particularly if you have to be outside for longer periods. Opt for protective styles that can be worn for the whole week. 

Beanies and scarves are a great way to do a few things. First you can slip it onto your head to protect it from the harsh cold. Second you can wear it over a deep treatment and still look fabulous.  If you are going to use it for a deep treatment then make sure you drip all the water out of your hair before you wrap it in whatever plastic to ensure that the treatment does not drip on your clothes. Apply your treatment to damp hair instead of soaking wet hair and make sure there is no drip. Do take a small towel with you just in case you need to use it. There is nothing worse than having to feel the trickle of product onto a fancy outfit. 

Hats are a great way to tuck your hair away. You can use a deep treatment under a hat but you will need to use a plastic wrap, matching cloth (to hide the back section) and then the hat. Hats also work great over dried hair. A well coordinated outfit and hat can give you a really stylish Winter look. It may however leave you with hat hair. 

Satin lined beanies are a great way to keep warm and take care of your hair. Get one to wear over your dry hair. This way your hair will stay protected from the elements and you won’t have any snags and you hairline will stay intact. 

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