Saturday, 16 May 2015

My Love for Naturalmente

In the early days of my natural road I was so frustrated with my  hair. At first I thought my hair must not be responding well because I was not using professional hair products. So I set out to get a pile of very expensive hair products and I used it almost daily to try and cure my hair woes. Still, I found no relief. I searched the net and at one point started making my own hair products out of total frustration.

Most of the products I wanted to try simply were not available in South Africa. Many of the ingredients I needed seemed so illusive and unobtainable that I just lost the zest to try and manage my hair.

I am very particular about the ingredients in hair products and I scrutinise labels for ingredients. I searched and searched, got tired, gave up, tried this then that. Until I tried Naturalmente. It is an Italian brand that is established and based in Cape Town. I bought it thinking ya right!

The packaging is plain and annoyingly confusing. Still, I had had enough of applying toxins to my hair that were not doing what I wanted it to. The first time I tried it my dry hair was transformed. For the first time I had curls that were not a frizz ball. I fell in love. I researched the ingredients and was delighted to find that it was yuk free and actually made from natural and organic and sustainable sources. It had my attention. I cycled through the entire product range and wanted to know more.

This stuff is good as Gold. In the next few weeks

I will show you each of the products, uses, effects and much more. See the difference that this very unassuming product has done for me.

See these pictures below to get an idea of how the right process and products can change your hair. The first picture is of me before I figured out what to do and what not to do. All I knew then is that I wanted to be natural. I absolutely loved my hair and even in its wild, bushy and unruly state. My hair and I are in a better place now and through trial and error I have managed to get the right balance.


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